Andi Best Freelance Designer

Structural Engineering Illustration

Freelance commission for DJ Baker
Client: DJ Baker

Client: DJ Baker Objective: Decorate the client's new premises with a bespoke statement artwork. Solution: Furnish the reception wall of the client's new premises with a large format illustrated artwork taking inspiration from structural engineering discourse.

Commissioned art

Large format illustrated artwork
After DJB Structural Engineers Ltd took up residency in a new premises they approached me to produce a large bespoke artwork to adorn their new entrance hall and reception area. The brief specified that the final image needed to convey effectively to clients and visitors what the company did, while avoiding being too sterile, overwhelming and aesthetically 'typical'. In short, the client was keen to avoid merely showcasing previous examples of their plans, blueprints, diagrams and other visual material synonymous with their trade.
Personally, I found the intricate line work and indecipherable jargon jotted across the client's diagrams too fascinating to ignore, so instead of avoiding it altogether I proposed taking a more abstract approach at rendering a typical building plan. I choose to create an isometric projection of a fictional house build as a faux exploded-view style diagram. By combining a variety of boldly coloured interior building materials with exterior features presented as though also structural components, I was able to produce this whimsical, inviting image that suitably softened the complex subject of structural engineering whilst still embodying its principles.
Close up detail of structural engineer illustration
Close up of structural engineer illustration detail
Close up detail of structural engineer artwork