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Sate Magazine Editorial Illustration

Freelance commission for Sate Magazine
Client: Sate Magazine

Client: Sate Magazine Objective: Contribute five pages of content to the launch issue of Sate magazine. Solution: Explore creative approaches to the magazine's Hedonism themed issue and produce a series of illustrations.

Coming of age illustration for Sate magazine

Editorial illustration

Sate magazine commissioned me to produce a series of sexualised illustrations exploring the theme of everyday hedonism for their launch issue. Beyond that, the brief was entirely open ended, so I was free to work in any illustrative style that suited the work and contexts of my choosing.

I opted to counter the rest of the issue's content with this series; rather than focus positively on pleasure and indulgence, I wanted to delve into an inflated, overindulgent portrayal of every day sexualisation that was garish, confusing and ultimately difficult to view (stopping short of repulsion of course). The series - three single pages and one double page spread - took subjects of borderline controversy like coming of age, bored housewives and sex on TV, and presented them as hard-to-swallow, vibrant, digital collages composed with a gritty, rough aesthetic.

The illustrations were well received by the client and provided the diverse scope of reaction to the topic that they were looking for.
Double page illustration detail
Double spread for Sate magazine
Illustrations printed in Sate magazine
Illustrations featurd in Sate magazine
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Sex on TV illustration for Sate magazine
Bored housewives illustration for Sate magazine
Close up detail of Sate magazine illustration
Detailed view of Sate magazine illustration
Sate magazine close up detail