Andi Best Freelance Designer

Samsung SSD Illustration Campaign

Freelance commission for Samsung
Client: Samsung

Client: Samsung Objective: Use my role in the Samsung SSD ambassadors programme to raise awareness of Samsung's latest solid state drive products. Solution: Produce several illustrated artworks and creative video pieces for Samsung's social media channels explaining how their SSD products have enhanced my freelance work.

Marketing illustration and animation

Following a successful pitching process Samsung elected me as a brand ambassador for their international Samsung SSD Driver programme. For six months I was tasked with spreading awareness of Samsung's flagship SSD products across their various social networking channels.

The purpose of the programme was to demonstrate through creative means how the SSD products benefitted each of the seven members professionally, as well as present ourselves as likeable, approachable characters to the rest of the Samsung demographic. As the only illustrator in the programme I opted to incorporate a level of animation into my introductory video, the first brief issued by the technology brand.

A second brief asked me to explore why solid state drives are superior to common hard drives and how working with an SSD in a professional environment overcame daily hindrances.

For this brief I produced a poster depicting a laptop harnessing the full power of a Samsung SSD rocketing away from a pile of seized up and frozen laptops powered only by standard HDs, crippled by a memory shortage error which was very commonplace in my machine until I'd made the upgrade. The purpose of this illustration therefore was to convey how the Samsung hardware could overcome such a real-world problem for a creative user.
Solid state drive illustrated marketing
Animated video for Samsung
Samsung marketing sketch work
Samsung marketing digital render
Samsung marketing digital colour
A third brief for the programme required me to develop a marketing message based on one of the many benefits and features available to an SSD user, showcased effectively in my chosen media.

What struck me as a key advantage of an SSD over a standard HD as far as laptops are concerned was their lack of moving internal components. Without motion, (or specifically, revolution), the risk of the drive breaking or corrupting is significantly reduced, ensuring greater long-term protection for the data housed on it. With that in mind, I created a classic propaganda style poster bearing the double-meaning slogan Without Revolution There Is Revolution.

The final brief in the programme began with an invite from Samsung to attend CES hosted in Las Vegas. For three days I was tasked with creating a short video blog using Samsung devices to capture footage, focusing on Samsung's footprint and technology at the show, and in particular, how their SSD products were being showcased.
Marketing illustration for Samsung solid state drive
Web animation for Samsung