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Octane Magazine 150th Issue

Freelance commission for Octane Magazine
Client: Octane Magazine

Client: Octane Magazine Objective: Enhance the client's 150th magazine issue campaign and draw focus on the special sales offer by increasing engagement and assisting in ensuring the target number of new subscribers is met. Solution: Produce an original illustration that's both relevant to the readership and eye-catching across all pieces of marketing material for this campaign, both digitally and in print.

Marketing illustration

Octane magazine 150th issue illustration
Octane illustration in digital marketing
During the run up to Octane magazine's 150th issue being published the brand ran a campaign with the intent of securing new subscribers. The campaign sought to combine teasers of editorial content from the 150th issue with a discounted purchase price.

Following in the success of previous illustrated campaigns I'd created for the publisher, Octane were keen to use another illustration to adorn each of the marketing communications, including print ads, emails and online landing pages. Having sat down with the client and sketched out some ideas, we settled upon the concept of have three classic cars of different calibre presented as though driving towards the viewer, departing from a 'cityscape' made from issues of the magazine. Emblazoned on the bonnet of each vehicle are the racing numbers 1, 5 and 0, denoting the relevance of the campaign.

The three car models depicted were chosen by the editorial team, with particular note paid to the central Jaguar E-Type which bears the registration plate of the oldest surviving iteration of this car. The overall aesthetic took its retro-meets-vintage styling from a previous Father's Day campaign illustration I'd produced for the publisher.
Close up detail for Octane magazine illustration
Illustration detail for Octane magazine
Detail of Octane magazine illustration