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Men's Fitness Magazine - Fit For Life Campaign

Personal illustration
>Client: Men's Fitness Magazine

Client: Men's Fitness Magazine Objective: Enhance the appeal of the Men's Fitness magazine Fit For Life campaign so as to ensure a higher New Year subscription conversion rate. Solution: Produce an illustration to work in conjunction with the campaign across both on and offline marketing material.

Marketing campaign illustration

Marketing illustration for Men's Fitness magazine
Men's Fitness magazine recently underwent a product redesign which the publishers were keen to promote during their January Fit For Life promotional campaign. The redesign introduced a series of fresh font sets, new page furniture and an increase in illustrated visuals.

I was briefed with the task of producing several illustrations of men in athletic poses to adorn the letterforms of the campaign headline text - Fit For Life. The exercise disciplines of the poses were climbing, running and working out, three of the main focus points the magazine content covers each month.

The drawings were developed for the editorial team's approval and once signed off, they were worked into a number of promotional materials across the campaign including magazine inserts, data-capture web pages and the magazine's Twitter cover image.
Men's Fitness campaign illustration in print
Development of Men's Fitness campaign illustration
Sketch of Men's Fitness campaign illustration