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Freelance commission for Londoner

Objective: Vent frustration. Solution: Produce a cartoon-based illustration belittling those who decidedly walk around London whilst concentrating more so on their gadgets.

Personal illustration

Londoner illustration frame 1
Londoner illustration frame 2
Londoner illustration frame 3
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Moving between two points in London inevitably takes longer than it should for a number of reasons. One reason in particular is that queues of people are forced to form behind those who feel they are capable of dividing their attention between the path they are walking and the book or device they are holding whilst maintaining an efficient pace. They are wrong. Having encountered exactly this behaviour from a fellow commuter one morning I was inspired to vent my frustration via this comic style illustration. The intended narrative was that the deluded tablet reader was so engrossed in his own endeavours that he was oblivious to having shuffled far out of London and into an active volcano, however viewers have also likened the final frame to the chap's damnation to Hell for his breach of etiquette.
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