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IFL Science Pluto T-shirt

Freelance commission for IFL Science
Client: IFL Science

Client: IFL Science Objective: Produce two T-shirt illustrations in response to the recent Pluto findings by NASA. Solution: Review previous examples of the client's merchandise lines and develop two images in-keeping with their style and tone to appease the established audience.

Illustrated merchandise

Pluto merchandise design for IFL Science
Pluto T-shirt graphic for IFL Science
During the weeks that NASA's New Horizon's probe was sending back extraordinary new photographs of planet Pluto, I was commissioned by popular online content creators I Fucking Love Science to produce two T-shirt designs for their online store.

The super tight deadline meant I had just a few hours to sketch these ideas, have them signed off, and then digitally render them as print-ready files. The concept for each image was pretty straight forward so as to appeal to a mass market. The first design features a simple 'I Love Pluto' strapline surrounding a cartoon mascot of the planet. The second design sought to merge the photographic element of the probe with a well-known pop-culture reference - the selfie stick. This seemed apt given that the dwarf planet's coverage at the time was relatively viral and almost of minor celebrity status.

Both designs proved to be huge hits with social media audiences, racking up shares and likes into the hundred thousands. I'm told sales of the merchandise units were also very healthy.