Andi Best Freelance Designer

IFL Science Brand Illustration

Freelance commission for IFL Science
Client: IFL Science

Client: IFL Science Objective: Develop the client's visual brand during events and seasonal promotions. Solution: Produce cartoon style illustrations for use in marketing and merchandising.

Commissioned art

Brand illustration for IFL Science
I Fucking Love Science have a very high-impact visual brand comprised of both graphic design and illustration. The latter utilises a cartoon aesthetic that translates across their merchandise, their brand communications, their marketing material and more.

I was commissioned to produce this mad scientist illustration as part of the client's brand pack development; an ever expanding resource of creative assets that the client can select from when constructing internal or external communications. This particular cartoon made its debut on an introductory brochure at a press launch event.

It was an enjoyable project to take on with only one minor obstacle faced; half way through the digital render of the artwork it was decided the gender of the scientist should change to female.
Graphic used on chocolate box lid
Two chocolate box designs for IFL Science
Always one to capitalise on seasonal retail and gifting opportunities, I Fucking Love Science had made large slabs of milk chocolate in the lead up to Valentine's Day. Imprinted on the confectionary was both the complete periodic table and the client's company logo, making for the perfect branded, topical gift idea for their fan base.

To ensure a true gifting experience, the client wanted to allow customers upon checkout to choose a design they'd like to adorn the box lid housing their chocolate, and so I was commissioned to come up with three illustrated graphic ideas for selection. Familiar as I am with the client's light and humorous tone from previous illustration projects I've completed for them, I approached this brief by exploring ways in which chemistry, romance and puns could be fused and presented in a their renowned elementary style. The ideas taken forward to print included an assortment of illustrated scientific apparatus forming the phrase "We Have Chemistry", an arrangement of grid texts from the periodic table forming the phrase "Life is better with you" and a design portraying the fictional element Ch (Chocolate) as a precious element alongside gold and silver.