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Marketing illustration for evo Magazine

Freelance commission for evo Magazine
Client: evo Magazine

Client: evo Magazine Objective: Enhance the client's free magazine issue campaign by increasing engagement and assisting in ensuring the target number of new subscribers is met. Solution: Produce an original illustration that's both relevant to the readership and eye-catching across all pieces of marketing material for this campaign, both digitally and in print.

Marketing illustration

evo magazine marketing illustration
A common promotional campaign run the marketers at Dennis Publishing is to give away a free copies of their magazines to users who complete either an online or telephone survey. In this instance, evo super car magazine were trailing the scheme, and to promote it the marketing team wanted an attractive and topical illustration to accompany all online and offline promotional material. This was also in part a test to ascertain the evo audience's receptiveness to illustrated visuals as opposed to more typical photographic marketing. Taking the campaign's strapline - "evo - Wherever the road takes you" - I was inspired to produce this illustration repurposing the evo logo as a 3D elevation with each letter styled to look like a different geographical terrain, representing the variety of exotic photoshoot locations synonymous with the magazine's content. Beneath this is a landscape of tarmac-coated magazine cover, layered with skid marks from a Porsche that's barrelling round the course.
Close up detail of evo magazine marketing illustration
Detail of evo magazine marketing illustration
evo magazine marketing illustration detail