Andi Best Freelance Designer

Cyclist Magazine Tour De France Marketing Illustration

Freelance commission for Cyclist Magazine
Client: Cyclist Magazine

Client: Cyclist Magazine Objective: Enhance the client's Tour de France campaign visibility to help secure new magazine subscribers. Solution: Produce an original illustration that's both relevant to the readership and eye-catching across all pieces of marketing material for this campaign, both digitally and in print.

Marketing illustration

Illustrated collection for Cyclist magazine
Cyclist magazine illustration used in print ads
A landmark event of Cyclist magazine's calendar is the Tour de France and so a great deal of planning goes into structuring the title's promotional campaigns for selling subscriptions around the time.

As well as building numerous pieces of digital content for the brand, my involvement in the campaign lead to the development of a collection of illustrations inspired by classic poster art associated with the annual cycling race. I designed the images to be purposefully dynamic and abstract so that they would definitely stand apart from how the magazine is typically marketed which relies a lot more on photography.

The three pieces of artwork I produced were not only used as the campaign's consistent aesthetic across emails, print ads and online landing pages, they were also reproduced as collector's edition prints distributed to a lucky few of the magazine's readership as well as audiences live at the start of the Tour.