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Wrap It Up!

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Freelance commission for Wrap It Up!
Client: Wrap It Up!

Client: Wrap It Up! Objective: Launch multiple campaigns in quick succession to strengthen the market position and acquire new subscribers. Solution: Devise new artwork assets and a portfolio of collateral to deploy to campaign channels both on and offline.

A brief engagement with catering and restaurant outlet Wrap It Up! saw me generate multiple campaigns' worth of print collateral and digital marketing promoting offers at the Client's 20 franchise branches across the UK. Design work included devising graphics, layouts and illustrations for the Wrap Of The Day, Breakfast, Meal Deal and Loyalty campaigns, utilising and expanding upon the Client's recently developed rebrand criteria.
Selection of print marketing for Wrap It Up!

Point of sale and in-store graphic design

A large in-store presence formed the basis of each campaign, with strut cards placed upon counters, posters at various scales adorning windows, business cards primed for pick-up at the checkouts and animated displays on the overhead menu screens.

As no formal illustrative style was prescribed by the new guidelines, I was invited to devise one. I explored an amalgamation of grubby textures, lino-print deregistration and the existing interplay of bold fonts and colours to form a vibrant, kaleidoscopic quality emblematic of the diverse cultures that inspire the food.
Wrap It Up! graphic design concept
Wrap It Up! graphic design concept
Wrap It Up! graphic design concept
In store display of Wrap It Up! graphics
Window poster graphics for Wrap It Up!
Print and digital marketing campaigns for Wrap It Up!

Digital marketing design

Most of the offline campaigning signposted customers towards the Client's website, particularly in the case of the Loyalty scheme where business-card sized promo articles I produced directed users to logon and register to trigger their benefits, as did the marketing emails I contributed artwork for to be sent to the Client's 10,000 subscribers. For users already on the website I designed and built a device-responsive homepage modal to traffic them to the same offer, which is performing exceptionally well delivering - at the time of writing - a 240% increase in purchase frequency, with repeat engagement at 21%.

Social media activity within each of the campaigns was also quite assertive. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were all targeted for posting animated graphics I'd created to announce each of the campaigns rolling out. The animations were subsequently reformatted for display in the over-head menu screens in restaurants.
Animated graphics for Wrap It Up! Instagram
Animated graphics for Wrap It Up! Facebook
Animated graphics for Wrap It Up! Twitter