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Ugloo Marketing Design

Freelance commission for Ugloo
Client: Ugloo

Client: Ugloo Objective: Strengthen the Client's marketing and brand position ahead of product launch. Solution: Design a digital introduction and marketing document carrying newly devised brand assets, icons and diagrams.

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French IT Startup Ugloo approached me with a multi-faceted design project that would progress the launch of their newly patented software. Primarily the Client commissioned me to design a marketing document that would outline the software functionality and benefits, as well as tell the story of the company's origin. But as the project progressed its scope was widened and I was subsequently commissioned to extend and revise the illustrated brand aesthetic, as well as create a PowerPoint slidedeck that made use of the new visual assets.
Cover page design for marketing document
Page designs for marketing document
At the heart of the software is the idea that data can be fragmented and stored across a widespread network of connected devices and servers, therefore the lead aesthetic of the brand consisted of scattered polygon arrays coloured in the primary palette. Though representative of the product, as a brand identity these visuals often conflicted with the accompanying content, resulting in matter that was difficult to navigate and digest. I refined the artwork so that it was simpler and less intrusive, while still retaining the original fragmentation rhetoric. Large slanted panels of colour adorned with more considered polygon array placements now symbolise the data distribution and displacement while simultaneously dividing the page content for easier consumption.
Once the marketing document was a completed proof of concept, developing brand complementary assets for the slidedeck was a straight forward task.