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Freelance commission for The Week
Client: The Week

Client: The Week Objective: Promote subscriptions to The Week magazine Solution: Design and build digital communications comprised of marketing campaigns, plus marketing and service emails.

Digital campaign web development

The Week magazine are something of a powerhouse with regards to their marketing effort, particularly when it comes to securing subscriptions to their weekly issues. A constant output of communications both in print and online is paramount for extending awareness of the brand and its products to a growing audience. In light of the Client and I having recently completed our 50th marketing project working together I've put together a few examples of digital campaigning the brand has used effectively.

The Week never miss a calendar event and always have a topical offer ready to deploy. New Year is no exception and on this occasion I was commissioned to design and develop a flash-sale campaign to on-board users to discounted subscriptions of the digital edition of their magazine. I designed a selection of banners for social media distribution that targeted users with tablets and smartphones gifted to them the Christmas just passed. The banners would click-through to a device-responsive (very important given the context in this instance) landing page that summed up the offer and presented insight to the magazine for those unfamiliar with it.
Christmas promotional campaign landing page for The Week
Christmas promotional campaign web banner for The Week
Christmas promotional campaign social media ad for The Week
Subscription offer campaign landing page for The Week
With each printed marketing item (magazine inserts, page ads, carriers) a phone number is present as a channel enabling users to take out a subscription. However, as mentioned before, the number of offers and campaigns run by the brand is vast - sometimes simultaneously - so in order to properly track and evaluate the performance of each communication a reference code is supplied with the claim instructions for a user to quote whilst on the call with a sales agent. Typically these reference codes had been exclusive to telephone exchanges however the Client wanted to see if they could leverage more use from them online as well.

I was commissioned by the Client to design and develop a webpage that enabled users to input their printed reference codes online by visiting a web link that would be printed adjacent. Being that the offer values rarely changed, a single-serving webpage that could cater to all print communications promoting the same offer would make for a more cost and time effective solution to creating a bespoke webpage alongside every print offer.

The major requirement for development in this project was to validate the codes entered by users against the database of those in place by the Client to ensure that the offers were indeed valid and that the original print material could be successfully tracked.
The Client communicates with their users via email in two key ways. The first is through service and transactional emails sent to subscribers to ensure they are gaining the most benefit from their subscription. As part of their retention strategy I was commissioned by the Client to design and build a series of 'Welcome' emails targeted to print, digital and bundle customers that introduced them to the product and package. Additionally, digital and bundle subscribers were sent download instructions on how to install the magazine app, plus a follow up email reselling the benefits of the app to those who had yet to download after a week.
Welcome email design for The Week
Login prompt email design for The Week
Digital cross-sell email design for The Week
The second is through marketing emails that seek to grow the readership through subscription offers and benefits promotion. These are often geared towards segmented audiences so the language and flow of the design needs crafting anew with each brief. Each of the emails I design for the Client are very tidy, considered and use imagery as a tool to position the product and enhance its appeal.
Loyalty gift incentive email design for The Week
Example of header graphic for The Week offer email
Example of content for The Week offer email