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SFOR Sofa Assembly Instructions

Freelance commission for SFOR Sofa
Client: SFOR Sofa

Client: SFOR Sofa Objective: Instruct users how to build a Yves flat-pack sofa using nothing more than imagery. Solution: Use the client's corporate branding and reference photography to produce six illustrations showing the major build steps.

Diagrams for printed instructions

Sfor Sofa assembly diagram 1
Sfor Sofa assembly diagram 2
Sfor Sofa assembly diagram 3
Sfor Sofa assembly diagram 4
I have an anecdote that I like to share at meetings and such about my all-time three most unusual client commissions. This brief from sfor sofa is one of them.

The client manufactures and sells the Yves flat-pack sofa; a series of boxed up boards and cushions which when assembled correctly form a cost effective two-seater lounge sofa. As with all flat-pack furniture, assembly instructions are required for the end user and that's why the client had got in touch. They wanted me to produce six standalone illustrations explaining the main steps of the sofa build. The reasons why this particular commission stands out are that the style of the diagrams required needed to match the company's reversed out branding; white and red on black. It's quite atypical for assembly instructions to be anything but single-colour line work on cheap stock, owing to their one-time use, however the client viewed this document as integral to the brand as all other assets. Furthermore, the reference material from which I was to produce the drawings was photographs taken of the client's team assembling a sofa in real-time with a variety of wide and close up angles from which I was to deduce relevance.
sofa demonstration at warehouse
Assembly instruction diagram sketch
Completed build of Sfor Sofa sofa