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Freelance commission for Power Ethernet
Client: Power Ethernet

Client: Power Ethernet Objective: Improve the user experience of key areas on the Client's website and promote products to targeted audiences. Solution: Redesign and build the Home and Stockist's webpages to improve engagement with the content, and generate contextually relevant banner advertisements for third party deployment.

Website design

Very early in my career I gained digital hardware developer Power Ethernet as a client and have been working with them on digital projects since. Initially the Client was keen to see improvements to the design of existing pages on their website including the home and stockists pages. The homepage was in need of design reconsideration as it was relatively bland aesthetically and ineffective at directing traffic to key areas of the site. I introduced a rotating banner module beneath the header navigation that allowed the Client to call attention to current and newly added content using high-impact visuals. Beneath that I built a row of modules that helped users find relevant information more quickly; a product introduction module that concisely sold the benefits of the hardware followed by two further modules that steered traffic between commercial and domestic applications of the hardware. The final row of modules focussed on the dialogue between client and customer comprised of scrolling testimonials, a rundown of links to peer reviews and press features and a Twitter widget.

For the Stockists page I built a simple JavaScript driven UK map that placed markers on each of the shop locations stocking Power Ethernet products, which users could interact with to discover the necessary contact details.

To build the new pages I had to familiarise myself with the site's CMS - a php driven segment system with on-board asset referencing.
Power Ethernet Homepage redesign
Power Ethernet stockists UK map interface design
Illustrated website icons
Power Ethernet technician training graphic
Power Ethernet product launch graphic
Power Ethernet networked home graphic
To properly demonstrate the functionality of their product line Power Ethernet incorporate a lot of photography and graphics into their website and social media visuals. This is why on a number of occasions the Client has commissioned me to produce artwork for their homepage and other areas of communication that showcase new hardware, appropriate products for markets and offer training instructions to technicians.

Responsive app design

Schneider Electric app design Overview display
Schneider Electric app design Advanced display
Working with industry partner Schneider Electric, Power Ethernet commissioned me to design a device responsive interface for their hardware monitoring app. The app keeps track of the status of all Powerline products in a connected network to ensure broadband signals are transmitting as expected. A lot of technical data is utilised by the app that isn't easily digestible to unfamiliar users, so a primary criteria of the app design was to ensure ease of understanding. I designed the app dashboard to display in two user-defined states, Overview and Advanced, where Advanced laid out the complete data in text-only rows and Overview displayed icons to represent the hardware activity for quick reference. In both cases colour-coding was used to denote severity, so the overall interface design was clean and tabular to not obstruct the information.
Power Ethernet app promotional graphic

Digital marketing

Digital marketing efforts from the Client often take the form of online banner advertisement. I've been commissioned to create banners promoting Powerline hardware for the Client on numerous occasions from creating animated banners positioning the products against various markets and interest groups, to designing simple explainer graphics that demonstrate the versatility of the aforementioned app.

Animated banner promoting Power Ethernet products