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Freelance commission for Party Poker
Client: Party Poker

Client: Party Poker Objective: Increase engagement with the client's international gaming products and reinforce brand awareness. Solution: Work through a programme of design and brand realignment for key territories.

Website design and build are one of the world's leading online entertainment providers. Their brand Party Poker is a huge multi-lingual online poker platform drawing in huge audiences keen to win cash prizes in a variety of online games. For a period of about a year I was designing and building various pages and products for the brand including web banners, concepts for payment platforms and social-media integrated landing pages. At the heart of each of these was a need to support brand awareness and increase engagement with the gaming products.

Of note are two particular design projects I carried out for the brand. First I was tasked with the challenge of redesigning the German edition of their product so that it stood apart from the flagship US/UK website, but was still recognisable to the core aesthetic of the visual brand. Essentially this meant departing from the green/black colour palette enough to appear as a standalone product, but retaining the general composition, the dark veneer and the established illustrative style. After a lengthy feedback process this red iteration was signed off by the client, making use of yellow accents and some 3D illustration I created.

Back on the main US/UK platform I also designed a number of pages and products for the brand, including overlays and pop-ups offering bonuses and other incentives to increase engagement.
Home page design for Party Poker
Illustrated graphic for Party Poker  Digital Design
Logo design for Party Poker

Logo design

A second brief from the German division of the company was presented to me to reimagine the Party Poker logo. Again, the objective here was to repurpose the product outside of the core brand circuit, but without entirely disassociating itself from the complete international branding. Several proposals from designers were submitted to the client, but it was my design that was elected for use. I'd combined a similar white, serif typeface as the core brand with a clean, sharp and glossy aesthetic that altogether created an exclusive and sophisticated appearance that the client was looking for.