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Client: Party Casino

Client: Party Casino Objective: Encourage user engagement with the newest gaming products available from the client. Solution: Redesign the website's homepage to better convey product information.

Website redesign and build are one of the world's leading online entertainment providers. Their brand Party Casino offers a suite of original and classic virtual casino and arcade games providing an immersive gambling environment to win real life cash prizes.

The gaming portfolio of the brand had recently expanded and yet the website housing the product wasn't working hard enough to reflect that. I was tasked with redesigning the product homepage to encourage players to download the software and begin playing the game collection, which at the time of writing boasted 53 titles.

Firstly I reworked the page's central call to action section to focus less on the total prize values and instead address the criteria of the brief; an overview of the games available to play. This information was entirely absent from the previous homepage design. Owing to the new page focus I gained the opportunity to replace the extremely modest illustration that featured in the original design with my own, aligned to the already established brand aesthetic. Additionally, multi-variant testing had indicated that information regarding safety and security handled by the product, and a short text blurb about reasons to adopt the product, were largely discarded by users visiting the page so they were wasting valuable real-estate. To remedy this I chose to replace them with two links to popular and latest games respectively, offering more incentive to play and removing any ambiguity about what the product holds.
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