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Freelance commission for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK
Client: Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK

Client: Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK Objective: Increase donor support and better educate users of the organisation benefits. Solution: Redevelop the organisation's website and devise a fresh programme of digital and print marketing.

Leukaemia & Myeloma Research UK approached me to handle their market reposition and digital transition project. Both the charity and research arms of the organisation were operating with increasing overlap and the Client felt that the organisation's online presence needed to be realigned to better reflect this union. In all, this entailed a successful implementation of a new user-focused web design, a revised programme of email and social media marketing and a fresh batch of supporter-targeted print collateral.
Logo improvements for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK
The website development criteria for the project presented a unique collection of challenges. In principle the task was to take the Client's two existing websites - one pertaining to the charity division of the organisation and the other pertaining to the science division which the charity division funds - and combine their content into a single new website.
To achieve this I first carried out an audit of both websites to understand the existing content structures, the traffic waypoints and the user goals. What I found was that most of these elements were either absent or poorly formulated, plus a lot of the content was duplicated verbatim thereby damaging SEO. This all needed to be tackled.
Starting afresh I devised a tailored page-flow which sought to refine the content across the site, with greater consideration paid toward trafficking users to the charity's key digital endpoints; the Donation funnel and Fundraising mechanics. The Donation funnel was a bespoke development I designed and coded for the organisation to elevate their donor/support offering, moving them away from an over-saturated and bitty complication of thirds-party add-ons and towards an all-inclusive CRM solution in Donorfy, which offers great end-to-end constituent on-boarding and management.

With the page-flow agreed I turned my attention to the design process, restructuring the content to ensure the most concise, efficient and informative user journeys would prevail. Additionally, given that the current sites were lacking visually I made it an objective to evolve the brand aesthetic through the new site's content construction and bolster the use of photography of which the Client had an ample supply.
The overall result is a site that looks attractive, delivers content through a more efficient and emotive form of communication and is wholly much easier to navigate.
Fundraising webpage design for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK
Fundraising webpage design showing challenges for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK
Donation webpage design for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK
Iconography used on the Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK website
New responsive design for the  Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK website
Print and poster designs for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK

Printed Fundraising collateral

Leukaemia & Myeloma Research UK required some printed material for the charity division of their organisation following the completion of the website. In particular a multi-page Fundraising pack that users could either download or request be posted to them needed to be created. I designed the complete pack comprised of promotional posters for fundraising events, donation forms, event invitations and multiple information sheets promoting the work of the charity and how their research efforts help those suffering from blood cancer. Producing this pack afforded more opportunities to develop the brand aesthetic and unify the charity's stance both on and offline. A balance of strong, considered visuals was key to achieving this whilst ensuring the information could be easily read and flowed from one document to another.
Page designs from the Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK information pack
Fundraising page designs from the Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK information pack
Leukaemia & Myeloma Research UK are prolific social media promoters, posting on Facebook and Twitter daily. In the interest of brand continuity the organisation commissioned me to produce a raft of visual assets suitable for social sharing (tailored to the validity requirements of the Facebook ad platform), each with a specific focus such as promoting a particular page on their site, encouraging users to join a fundraising event or boosting awareness with a campaign or supporter story. The content offering from LMRUK is vast so there's been no shortage of requests to generate on-brand visual assets, plus from what I've seen first hand engagement with them is especially high, confirming that they are on message and that the target audience is being suitably addressed.
Validated ad graphics for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK's Facebook marketing
Christmas ad graphics for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK's Facebook marketing
Christmas campaign graphics for Leukaemia Myeloma Research UK's Facebook marketing