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Guinness Web Design

Freelance commission for Guinness
Client: Guinness

Client: Guinness Objective: Intensify user engagement with the brand during the 6 Nations Rugby competition. Solution: Construct an online fantasy gaming platform to run the duration.

Website design and build

In order to promote Guinness' sponsorship of the 6 Nations Rugby and keep its user base engaged throughout the competition the company chose to host a competition of their own. Their digital fantasy gaming platform allowed users to create accounts, select virtual teams of players and score in-game player points based on reflection of their real life counterparts.

Through a combination of email marketing and prize-winning incentive, users engaged with the site near daily, affording the company the opportunity to serve a rotation of brand messaging and product advertisement. I was involved in the project by designing and coding the front end of the website, building HTML email communications, and illustrating a number of visual assets that appeared during the campaign including team-based shirt icons, rugby pitch backdrops, page furniture (CSS) and promotional off-site digital ads.

I also devised the Guinness Trophy Cabinet; a hierarchy of virtual trophies to be assigned as merit badges to users who out-performed others in various extended criteria, such as most points scored over a set period, highest consecutive scoring users, best new-comer performance etc. This parallel metric to the game further enhanced its competitive element and ultimately increased engagement.
Home page design for Guinness Fantasy Rugby website
Interactive pitch design for Guinness Fantasy Rugby website
Design of Guinness Trophy Cabinet system