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Freelance commission for Fashion Bloc
Client: Fashion Bloc

Client: Fashion Bloc Objective: Help the Fashion Bloc project evolve from a simple Wordpress blog into a content-cum-commerce super platform. Solution: Rebuild the website under a totally bespoke framework, with custom CMS implementation and front-end redress.

Website design and build

One of the largest projects I've ever undertaken was for European fashion blog curator Fashion Bloc. The client had revaluated their business model and wanted to discuss with me ways to evolve the Fashion Bloc project from its current conception as a simple Wordpress blog. The realigned and more ambitious focus of the project was to become a content-meets-commerce powerhouse for Eastern European fashion; a platform in which users could browse seamlessly through fashion articles and product sales without feeling any disconnection. The tone of the brand was also subject to a refresh, so a redress of the site's aesthetics also made up part of the brief. To meet all these needs I proposed I build a brand new web product comprising a responsive front-end, new brand palette and a bespoke back-end with a commerce component integrated.

The front facing design took cues from the client's favourite social media platforms, resulting in a sprawling generative canvas of product and article photography. Page formatting was kept light by blocking content out in white frames on beige, while furniture and icons contrasted pleasingly in starker pastels.

With regards to development, I coded the behemoth content management system with various tiers of user privilege, granting bloggers, retailers and administrators different levels of access and processes for content submission. User profiles, image galleries, article videos and products for sale can all be uploaded and managed via the system, which I built from scratch.
e-commerce design for Fashion Bloc
Basket and e-commerce tools for Fashion Bloc website
Blog posts and features on the Fashion Bloc website
Sample of Fashion Bloc content
Sample of Fashion Bloc content
Sample of Fashion Bloc Brand Design content
Logo design for Fashion Bloc

Logo design and brand design

Even before I designed the website for Fashion Bloc I envisaged that it would be busy with product and editorial photography, therefore the brand, logo and page surrounds would be more subtle to offset that.

The logo I devised for the brand is quite elementary; the two composite words of the title are distributed in different weights either side of a single pipe. It is purposely uncomplicated and therefore elegant, practical and fits extremely well in its various situations on the website, business cards, branded presentations and more.