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Dovecote Moorings Website Design

Freelance commission for Dovecote Moorings
Client: Dovecote Moorings

Client: Dovecote Moorings Objective: Help the client establish an online presence for their various leisure businesses. Solution: Design and build a simple, device-responsive website that adequately informs users of the Client's facilities.

Website design and build

Dovecote Moorings positioned on the river Avon offer mooring plots for boat users adjacent to the Dovecote Riverside Caravan Park which the Client also operates. I was commissioned to create a very straightforward, device-responsive website constructed advertising the facilities at both sites as well as communicating other essential information such as location, local amenities, services and rates to their prospective guests.

The design I put together for the website was greatly influenced by the site's twin logos (Dovecote Moorings and Dovecote Riverside Caravan Park), making use of a serene pale blue and green palette that made the supporting photography richer in saturation by contrast. Clean, simple text styling and formating throughout the site meant that users could traverse key information easily and a minimal use of scripting and interactivity ensured an elementary user experience. In all the site is comprised of 5 pages and the Client is very pleased with the final result.
Dovecote Moorings Website Design homepage
Responsive Dovecote Moorings Website Design
Dovecote Moorings Website Design's Riverside Caravan Park landing page