Andi Best Freelance Designer

Del Mak Choreography Web Build

Freelance commission for Del Mak
Client: Del Mak

Client: Del Mak Objective: Redesign and build the client's existing website. Solution: Work within the creative team to transform the website design into a front-end coded product ready for CMS implementation.

Website front end development

Creative director and choreographer Del Mak drafted me into the creative team commissioned with refreshing the portfolio website. My role in the team was to head up the front-end development; interpreting the visual assets supplied by the designer and creating a functioning website structure and layout that the final member of the team would use to build and "plug in" the supporting CMS interface. Basically, I had to create the HTML, CSS and javascript functionality for the page templates, navigation and media playback. One of the major challenges of this project was developing a responsive filtering system on the Work page that simultaneously displayed thumbnails of portfolio categories triggered by the user, whilst updating the highlighted styling of the relevant categories in both the page's navigation components. Other features I built into this site include multiple sliding galleries of photo and video content and a floated overlay component with scroll-placement awareness.
Project page example from the Del Mak website
Photo gallery page from the Del Mak website
Project excerpt from the Del Mak website
Detail from the Del Mak website
Photo from the Del Mak website
Image from the Del Mak website