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BEIO Consulting Logo Design

Freelance commission for BEIO Consulting
Client: BEIO Consulting

Client: BEIO Consulting Objective: Assist the client with brand development for their start-up venture. Solution: Create a logo design befitting the company personality and service offering.

Logo concept for BEIO Consulting Logo Design
Logo concept for BEIO Consulting Logo Design
Logo concept for BEIO Consulting Logo Design
Logo design for BEIO Consulting

Logo design

BEIO - Business English in International Organisations - were a startup organisation requiring a corporate logo design for their new language and communication venture. The Client opted to champion the acronym BEIO for the mark, resulting in the first of the challenges I was to overcome in the project - I wanted to ensure the presentation of the acronym could also feasibly be interpreted as a word. Encapsulating the tone and attitude of the business right down to the presentation of its title was critical in crafting its fuller identity.

The Client sought to convey a corporate yet approachable portrayal of the business; an identity that was serious about its agenda blended with the personality of its members.
Early renditions of the design explored motifs of speech, the rhetoric of speaking and the aesthetics of communication, however at the point of presenting my first digital renders it was the more abstract and decidedly elementary concepts the Client leant towards.
The use of contra facing triangles in the final design represent two flows of language, which, when interlocked in a collaborative structure find a single geometric harmony in their form, reflecting how BEIO helps find meaning lost in multi-language dialogue. A crisp, clean aesthetic gives this design longevity and the geometric motif offers abundant scope for further brand development in future.