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The Week Society Email Marketing

Freelance commission for The Week Society
Client: The Week Society

Client: The Week Society Objective: Increase subscriber retention to The Week magazine. Solution: Design and build device-responsive marketing emails promoting discounts and offers from the client's brand partners.

The Week is an expanding enterprise that has taken its brand beyond the publication of its current affairs magazine and into other attractive ventures. The Week Wines and The Week Entertainment are facets of The Week Society which encourage subscription loyalty through reader-exclusive initiatives, discounts and offers with brand partners. Each month, subscribers to The Week magazine are kept informed about the offers and competitions available via direct email marketing. I am regularly commissioned by the client to design and code these marketing emails. My job is to assemble this content into coded templates I created back at the start of our working contract. Because the content I receive each week does not conform to any strict limitations or criteria, adjustments to my templates have to be made to accommodate it. This ranges from tweaking styling code here or there to altering complete chunks of the layout until the entire communication looks balanced and correct across a multitude of common email clients. Thanks to how flexibly I'd written the original code for these templates, minimal time is spent updating each new communication, which is cost-effective for the client and helps me deliver within their swift turnaround expectations.
The Week Society promotional offer email
Responsive email design for The Week Society
Special offers email for The Week Society
A further consideration is that these emails are responsive in design, allowing them to display gracefully and legibly within the viewports of differently sized devices (notably mobiles and tablets). As I mentioned, the supplied content from the client changes in volume/dimension with each new email I'm commissioned, so additional time is spent reworking the code regulating responsive display to safeguard against the unintended quirks of an even wider breadth of email clients. This is absolutely necessary to ensure that inadequate presentation is not a factor impacting the client's click-through rate.
In addition to marketing emails I've also been working on automated service emails for The Week Society's competition events including entry confirmation, winner announcements and consolation messages. Owing to the well-rounded relationship I've established with the client I predict I will be on hand to continue creating digital communications as the goals and objectives of The Week Society become more ambitious in future.