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Charities are doing more and more to attract online support and donations. Take a look at how digital marketing, a strong brand identity and a quality CRM system can help boost your charity.

  1. Digital Marketing

    How Digital Marketing can help your charity

    There are three simple steps I can help you take to drive new users to your website and convert them into donors...

    Step 1

    Create social impact

    For charities like Age UK and Asthma UK I created bespoke banner graphics to run across social networks both as posts and sponsored ads. By engaging with these posts users are taken to each charity's Weekly Lottery websites where they're encouraged to donate through the benefits of buying tickets.

    Both brand awareness and uplift in acquisition are high through marketing social networking channels if ads are designed correctly.
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    Social media advertisement
    Great for:FacebookTwitterInstagram
    Step 2

    Convert visitors into donators

    For charities like SASRA the key to converting visitors into donators is engagement. That's why I built them a dedicated microsite as part of their 100Days marketing campaign.

    Totally device-responsive, the website welcomes traffic from social networks and ads across the web and offers them an educational experience geared towards encouraging both donations and subscriptions, building up a dedicated audience.
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    Campaign microsite
    Step 3

    Keep them coming

    For charities like Age Co and Heart of England Forest regular email communication is critical for keeping their home-grown audiences not only up-to-date, but also returning for more donation action. For these charities I design and build e-newsletters, administrative comms and promotional marketing, which look and work perfectly in inboxes on desktop down to mobile. With tailor-made HTML email messaging you can ensure your donators and subscribers are offered the maximum opportunity to pledge their continued support to your cause.
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    Email marketing
    Great for:MailchimpAdestraMessage Focus
  2. Customer relationship management from Donorfy

    Use Donorfy to collect donations, setup memberships and more

    With Donorfy integrated on your website users can donate to your cause in either lump sums, or monthly via direct debit. As an official Donorfy partner I've built plenty of donation web portals for charitable organisations across the globe.

    Find out more about Donorfy
    Get your Donorfy integration

    Choose from the following options for integrating a Donorfy web portal into your website:


    The Standard integration starts with the out-of-the-box Donorfy code and reconfigures it to not only look great, but also offer users a more intuitive experience.

    West London Mission

    More details...
    • Take regular and one-off donations
    • Set fixed donation amounts, let users specify custom donation amounts, or both
    • GDPR compliant
    • Secure connection
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    The Advanced integration includes a few more desirable features and functionality that a deeper level of development can afford you. (Most charities tend to choose this option).

    African Prison Project

    More details...
    • Take regular and one-off donations
    • Set fixed donation amounts, let users specify custom donation amounts, or both
    • Custom data capture and validation
    • GDPR compliant
    • Secure connection
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    The Custom integration is exactly that - tailor-made to your needs. From product pages to bespoke funnels, the final result is totally unique.

    Heart Of England Forest

    More details...
    • Take regular and one-off donations
    • Set fixed donation amounts, let users specify custom donation amounts, or both
    • Custom data capture and validation
    • Link products to donations with custom pages
    • Assign donations to multiple purposes
    • GDPR compliant
    • Secure connection
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    Great for:WordpressSquare SpaceCMS Made Simple

    Charities already benefiting from my Donorfy integrations

    West London MissionAfrican Prison ProjectHeart of England ForestVoices In The Middle
  3. Branding and identity

    Strenghen your image. Find your voice. Attract new donors.

    Crafting a brand identity that resonates with donators is crucial. From your logo to your tone of voice - every public-facing component of your organisation needs to be carefully considered to strike appeal.

    Illustrated marketing

    Get emotive with bespoke artwork

    For charities like Age UK and CICRA, illustrated elements are a prevelent factor on their websites and in marketing material, as they play a significant role in defining the brand image.

    I've invested considerable time working with these charities to create original illustrated assets that convey the desired sense of upbeat, positive, excitement, thereby attracting new audiences.
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    Illustrated branding
Andi Best Freelance Designer
Andi Best

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